Sawley Village Green

The Parish Council owns and maintains Sawley Village Green. 

This area is registered as Village Green and as such enjoys special protection. This means that the Parish Council takes its management seriously, whilst understanding that local residents will want to use and enjoy the area. 

The Parish Council has therefore agreed a policy for people to abide by if they are planning an event on the Green. This may be a local community group planning an annual event for the community to enjoy, or an event in connection with the Village Hall. 

The Council's policy gives general permission for these events to take place, subject to the organisers agreeing to a number of terms and conditions. 

If you are planning such an event then please make sure that you read the attached policy and then let the Parish Council know when it's going to take place by completing and returning the notification form. 

G&S Sawley Village Green - Event Policy.pdf

Sawley Village Green - Event Notification Form.docx