Sawley Small Grants Scheme

In 2008 the Parish Council sold Sawley Parish Room (a disused, former reading room). The majority of the sale proceeds have been invested and the interest generated is paid into this grant scheme to be distributed to individuals and organisations in the Sawley ward of the Parish. 

The Parish Council invites applications from two categories; either individuals or organisations/groups.
Grants of up to £200 will be made to individuals to contribute towards project, scheme or course costs that will enhance the educational, sporting or cultural advancement of an individual. 
Grants of up to £750 will be made to organisations/groups which assist with community based projects or activities that will be of benefit to the community.

If you would like to apply then please use the tabs on the left of this page to navigate to the relevant criteria and application forms. 

If you have any questions or require help applying for funding please contact the Clerk to the Parish Council. 
The ‘Sawley Small Grants Scheme’ is designed to be an easy to access source of funding for local residents and organisations.