Local Green Space

The Parish Council is looking to identify, for special protection, green areas of particular importance to our local community.
The National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) says that: “Local communities through local and neighbourhood plans should be able to identify for special protection green areas of particular importance to them. By designating land as Local Green Space local communities will be able to rule out new development other than in very special circumstances.”

This is not a designation which is applied lightly. Sites must meet certain criteria and be supported by a strong evidence base (which is to be provided by the community). Applying for the designation does not guarantee that it will be applied to an area of land. 
A site proposed as Local Green Space must meet the criteria set out within the NPPF:
1. Land must meet all the following criteria: 
• Demonstrably special to local community.
• Reasonable close proximity to the community serves.
• Local in character.
• Not an extensive tract of land.
• Not an area with extant planning permission within which the Local Green Space could not be accommodated.

2. Land must hold particular local significance for at least one of the following reasons:
• Beauty
• Historic Significance 
• Recreational value
• Tranquillity
• Wildlife
• Other reason

3. Designating land as Local Green Space should:
• be consistent with local planning of sustainable development.
• complement investment in sufficient homes, jobs and other essential services.

Parish Councils have been tasked, by Harrogate Borough Council, with identifying areas across the District that should be designated, and included in the new Local Plan for this area. More detailed information from Harrogate Borough Council can be viewed in the following document: HBC Open Green Space Info (1).docx
It is not envisaged that areas which already hold designations (such as Village Greens, Common Land, SSSI’s etc) will be given / need this new designation and should not be put forwards by Parish Councils. 

If you have a suggestion of an area of land which should be put forward then please let the Parish Council know before 15th May.  
The Parish Council will consider all the suggestions of sites and will then begin to collate evidence about those which it thinks should go forward to Harrogate Borough Council for consideration.