2014/15 Accounts

This financial year ran from 1st April 2014 to 31st March 2015. 

The Parish Council's accounts are made up of several documents, starting with the budget which was approved in November 2013:
G&S 14-15 Budget.pdf

The Council finished the year under-budget due to lower than expected expenditure on maintaining the playgrounds. The contingency for unexpected expenditure was not fully used. A breakdown and analysis of the position at the end of the year is given in these reports: 

End of Year Accounts

The Parish Council's accounts have now been prepared and approved. The end of year lists of payments made, monies received and the bank reconciliation can be viewed using the links below:


The accounts will undergo several stages of checks. 

The first has been carried out by Sue Welch, who is Clerk to Darley with Menwith Parish Council. Her report is in the following document: G&S 14-15 Internal Auditor's Opinion.pdf

All local councils are required to complete and submit an 'annual return'. This is then audited by a firm of accountants appointed by the Audit Commission. This Parish Council's Annual Return for the 2014/15 period can be viewed here: G&S PC 14-15 Annual Return (Final).pdf

An explanation of the significant variances in the figures on the Annual Return (where there is a variance of more than 15%) between the 2013/14 and 2014/15 financial years is given in this document: G&S 14-15 Explanation of Variances.pdf

The audit of the Council's 2014/15 accounts has now been formally concluded. You can view a notice to this effect here: G&S PC 14-15 Notice of Conclusion of Audit.pdf