The Parish Council is made up of 7 Councillors, who are currently: 
  • Mr Martin Kirbitson - represents the Sawley ward and is currently Chair. 
  • Mr Michael Lumb - represents the Grantley ward and is currently Vice-Chair. 
  • Mr Trevor Kitchen - represents the Sawley ward. 
  • Mr Simon Learoyd - represents the Eavestone ward. 
  • Mr John Scannell - represents the Grantley ward.
  • Mr James Wigginton - represents the Sawley ward. 
  • Mr Mark Smeeden - represents the Skelding ward.

The Council does not have any committees and does not appoint any of its members to serve on external local public bodies.

The Clerk to the Parish Council is David Taylor.

Office contact:
c/o Thornfield,
57, Whitcliffe Lane,
HG4 2LB.
01765 601693 (answer phone)